Dollface420 #myopinionmatters

“What you think, will become, once you believe it ”

        We have terrorists, child molesters, meth heads, crack whores, and the pill popping’ prostitutes filling our street. The same street our children go to school on. Our government is so far in debt, it will probably never in our life time see a positive. Same sex marriage has become a new legal “fad”. Prisons and jails everywhere are over-crowded. We have multiple religions worshipping the same God? We are changing are values and opinions because of things like “The Kardashians”, where, a man becomes a woman (basically telling God he made a mistake) then we give him an award for courage. Are you kidding me right now? People applaud this man, while not allowing God in our schools? This is the beginning of the end my friend. We are living our own personal hells every single day. I am here to show you that you are not alone.

On the left side of the screen, you will see a list of Poetry, #myopinion, and The Broken . #myopinion consists of questions that I’d love an answer for, so please leave comments! The Broken are stories of real life struggles and information that individuals have volunteered . Everything on this site is owned by me. Do not copy any stories or pictures. Criminal charges will be pressed.

Now my dear readers, step inside my office, clear your mind, and prepare for mind-blowing nightmares, based on real life events, that make you tear at the eye and question your own existence. 

                   Welcome to “The Broken”.



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